• Injection Mold Functional Characteristics

    The temperature in the injection mold is uneven at various points, which is also related to the time point in the injection cycle. The function of the mold temperature machine is to keep the temperature constant between 2min and 2max, which means to prevent the temperatu...
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  • Injection Mold Application Fields

    Application Field Injection molds are important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machine...
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  • CNC Machining and Injection Mold Maintenance

    Injection Device The injection device is a device that makes the resin material melted by heat and injected into the mold. As shown in the figure, the resin is squeezed into the barrel from the material head, and the melt is transported to the front end of the barrel by ...
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  • CNC Machining and Injection Mold 4

    Folding thermostat system of Injection Moulding In order to meet the requirements of the injection process on the mold temperature, a temperature adjustment system is required to adjust the mold temperature. For injection molds for thermoplastics, a cooling system is mai...
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  • CNC Machining and Injection Mold 3

    Injection Moulding Gate It is the channel connecting the main runner (or branch runner) and the cavity. The cross-sectional area of ​​the channel can be equal to the main flow channel (or branch channel), but it is usually reduced. So it is the smallest cross-sectional a...
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  • CNC Machining and Injection Mold 2

    In the process of machining and injection moulding production, it is an integrated system, which cannot be separated.  In injection moulding, the gating system refers to the part of the runner before the plastic enters the cavity from the nozzle, including the main runne...
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  • CNC Machining and Injection Mold

    In the process of machining production, Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products;  It is also a tool to give plastic complete structure and precise dimensions.  Injection molding is a processing method used in the mass production of some complex parts.  Sp...
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  • Precision CNC Machining and Corresponding Parts

    In the process of machining production, any change in the shape, size, position and nature of the production object, so that it becomes a finished product or semi-finished product process is called mechanical processing process. Machining Process can be divided into Cast...
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  • CNC Machining Processes

    CNC Machining Processes Operators engaged in all kinds of machinery must pass safety technical training and pass the examination before taking up the post.   Before Operating Before work, use protective equipment stric...
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  • Material Available for CNC Machining

    Common Used Material Stainless steel SS201 SS303 SS304 SS316 17-4PH SUS440C, etc. Steel Q235 20# 45#, etc. Brass C36000(C26800),  C37700(HPb59), C38500(HP6 58) C27200(CuzN37), etc. Iron 1213, 1214, 1215, etc. Bronze C51000, C52100, C5400, etc. Aluminum Al606...
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  • CNC Machining in BMT is Growing Better

    To support product development programs, at BMT we have full precision CNC machining capabilities. We use high caliber CNC mills, lathes, EDMs, and surface grinders to generate close tolerance, high-quality parts with global delivery in as little as ten days. With our ex...
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  • Machining Tolerance Requirements

    (1) The tolerance of unnoted shape should meet the requirements of GB1184-80.   (2) The allowable deviation of unnoted length is ±0.5mm.   (3) The tolerance zone of the casting is symmetrical to the basic size configuration of the blank casting.   ...
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