Materials We Can Make

Materials Overview, Surface Treatment and Inspection Devices

Materials Available

Aluminum: AL5052 / AL6061/ AL6063 / AL6082 / AL7075, etc.
Brass and Copper: C11000 / C12000 / C36000 / C37700 / 3602 / 2604 / H59 / H62, etc.
Carbon Steel: A105, SA182 Gr70, Q235 / Q345 / 1020(C20) / 1025(C25) / 1035(C35) / 1045(C45), etc.
Stainless Steel: SUS304 / SUS316L / SS201/ SS301/ SS3031 / 6MnR, etc.
Alloy Steel: Alloy 59, F44/ F51/ F52/ F53/ F55/ F61, G35, Inconel 628/825, 904L, Monel, Hastelloy, etc.
Mold Steel: 1.2510 / 1.2312 / 1.2316 / 1.1730, etc.
Plastic: ABS/ Polycarbonate/ Nylon/ Delrin/ HDPE/ Polypropylene/ Clear Acrylic/ PVC/ Resin/ PE / PP / PS / POM, etc.
Others materials: Casting and Forging Pars and As Customer’s request.

Surface Treatment

Oxide Blacking, Polishing, Carburizing, Anodize, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Sandblasting, Laser engraving, Heat treatment, Powder Coated, etc.

Inspection Devices

A. Mitutoyo Electronic Digital Display Caliper;

B. Mitutoyo OD Digimatic Micrometer;

C. Mitutoyo Precision Block Gauge;

D. Caliper Depth Rule and Go-no Go Gauge;

E. Plug Gauge and R Gauge;

F. ID Digimatic Micrometer;

G. Thread Ring Gauge and Plug Gauge;

H. Three Coordinate Measuring Machine;

I. Angle Ruler and Meter Ruler;

J. ID Gages and Microscope;

K. Height Indicator and Dial Indicator;

L. Inside Caliper and Dialgage;

M. Projector Testing Machine;

N. Levels of Marble Platform;

File Formats

CAD, DXF, STEP, PDF, and other formats are acceptable.

CNC Machined Materials Descriptions

1. Aluminum Alloy



Aluminum 5052/6061/6063/7075, etc.

Our most popular machined metal.Easily machined and lightweight, perfect for prototypes, military, structural, automotive and aerospace applications.Corrosion-resistant aluminum used in sheet metal applications. 

7075 is more harder and higher strength aluminum alloy.

2. Bronze, Brass, and Copper Alloy




Commonly known material, great for electrical conductivity.

Copper 260 & C360 (Brass)

A highly formidable brass. Great for radiator components and A highly machinable brass. Great for gears, valves, fittings and screws.


The standard bearing bronze for light-duty applications. Easily machinable and resistant to corrosion.

3.Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel



Stainless Steel

Common used in CNC machining

Excellent impact resistance

High tensile strength, suitable for welding

Excellent chemical corrosion resistance properties

Carbon Steel

Good corrosion resistance in mild environments

Good forming properties. Weldable.

Great for Aircraft applications, Machine parts, Pump and valve parts, Architectural applications, Nuts and bolts, etc.

4.Titanium Machined Metals



Titanium Gr2/Gr5/Gr12

High Strength, Low Weight, and High thermal conductivity. Great for applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. Excellent corrosion resistance, weldability and formability. Most commonly used titanium in Mining industries.

5.Zinc Machined Metals



Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloy has good electrical conductivity and highly resistant to corrosion. This alloy is readily treatable for painting, plating, and anodizing.

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