Equipment We Have

CNC Machining Equipment

CNC Flat Bed Lathe Machines: 5 Sets
CNC Slant Bed Lathe Machines: 5 Sets
Custom CNC Machines: 2 Sets
CNC Machining Center: 5 Sets
Lathe Machine: 4 Sets
Milling Machine: 3 Sets
Drilling Machine: 4 Sets
Bandsaw Cutting Machine: 2 Sets
Radial Drilling Machine: 2 Sets

Sheet Metal Department

Japan MURATEC Laser Punch compound machine: 1 Set
Japan MURATEC Turret-Type Punching Machine: 3 Sets
Mazak Laser Machine: 1 Set
Mitsubishi Laser Machine: 3 Sets
Toyo Bending Machine: 4 Sets
CNC Stud Welding Machine: 2 Sets
Sheet Metal Painting Production Lines: Two

Stamping Department

AIDA 300T Direct-Feed Punching Machine: 1 Set
200T Direct-Feed Punching Machine: 2 Sets
Washino 80T Single Shot Punching Machine: 19 Sets
Washino 150T Single Shot Punching Machine: 1 Set
Multi-Axis Tapping Machine: 5 Sets

Plastic Molding Department

Haitian Injection Molding Machine 110~600t: 5 Sets
Fanuc Injection Molding Machine 100t: 1 Set
Toshiba Injection Molding Machine 180t: 1 Set
Toshiba Injection Molding Machine 230t: 1 Set

Mold Manufacturing Department

Fanuc Wire Cut Machine: 1 Set
Mazak CNC Machining Center: 1 Set
DMG MORI CNC Machining Center: 1 Set
Taiwan Baofa Surface Lapping Machine: 2 Sets

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