Our New Titanium Products Series

BMT introduced a new product series of Titanium and Titanium Alloy Plate, Sheet and Coil, Titanium Forgings, Titanium Bar, Titanium Seamless and Titanium Welded Pipes, Titanium Wire, Titanium Fittings and Titanium Machining Parts

BMT’s annual production of titanium products is around 100000 tons, including 20000 tons for PHE (Plate for heat exchanger), and 80000 tons for other applications. BMT high quality Titanium and Titanium Alloy Plate, Sheet and Coil, Titanium Forgings, Titanium Bar, Titanium Seamless and Welded Pipes, Titanium Wire, Titanium Fittings and Titanium Machining Parts are under strict tracking and check in terms of raw material—titanium sponge.

BMT controls the whole process, such as the melting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment, etc. We export products around the world and warmly welcome you to cooperate with us.


Titanium alloy is mainly used for the production of aircraft engine compressor components, followed by the structural parts of rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft. In the mid-1960s, titanium and its alloys have been used in general industry to make electrodes in the electrolysis industry, condensers in power stations, heaters for petroleum refining and seawater desalination, and environmental pollution control devices. Titanium and its alloys have become a kind of corrosion-resistant structural materials. In addition, it is also used in the production of hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.

Compared with other metal materials, titanium alloy has the following advantages:

  1. High specific strength (tensile strength/density), tensile strength can reach 100~140kgf/mm2, and the density is only 60% of steel.
  2. Medium temperature has good strength, the use temperature is several hundred degrees higher than that of aluminum alloy, it can still maintain the required strength at medium temperature, and can work for a long time at a temperature of 450~500℃.
  3. Good corrosion resistance. A uniform and dense oxide film is immediately formed on the surface of titanium in the atmosphere, which has the ability to resist corrosion by various media. Generally, titanium has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and neutral media, and has better corrosion resistance in seawater, wet chlorine and chloride solutions. But in reducing media, such as hydrochloric acid and other solutions, the corrosion resistance of titanium is poor.
  4. Titanium alloys with good low temperature performance and extremely low interstitial elements, such as Gr7, can maintain a certain degree of plasticity at -253℃.

The modulus of elasticity is low, the thermal conductivity is small, and it is non-ferromagnetic.

4Smaller the Better


Titanium and titanium alloys have the advantages of low density, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance, and are widely used in various fields.

Titanium forging is a forming method that applies external force to titanium metal blanks (Excluding plates) to produce plastic deformation, change size, shape, and improve performance. It is used to manufacture mechanical parts, workpieces, tools or blanks. In addition, according to the movement pattern of the slider and the vertical and horizontal movement patterns of the slider (For forging of slender parts, lubrication and cooling, and forging of high-speed production parts), other directions of movement can be increased by using a compensation device.

4 forging ring

Titanium Forgings Details




The above methods are different, and the required forging force, process, material utilization rate, output, dimensional tolerance, and lubrication and cooling methods are also different. These factors are also factors that affect the level of automation.

Forging is a process of using the plasticity of metal to obtain a plastic forming process with a certain shape and structural properties of the blank under the impact or pressure of the tool. The superiority of forging production is that it can not only obtain the shape of mechanical parts, but also improve the internal structure of the material and improve the mechanical properties of mechanical parts.


BMT is specialized in producing premium titanium forging and titanium alloy forging featuring excellent mechanical capacity, tenacity, corrision resistance, low density and high intensity. BMT titanium products’ standard production and detection procedure have overcome both the technological complexity and machining difficulty of titanium forging manufacturing.

The high quality precision titanium foging production is based on our professional process design and gradually progressive method. BMT titanium forging can be applied to the range from the small skeleton supporting structure to large-size titanium forging for aircrafts.

BMT titanium forging are widely used in many industries, such as aerospace, offshore engineering, oil & gas, sports, food, automobile, mining industries, military, marine, etc. Our annual production capacity is up to 10,000 tons.

Titanium Pipe and tube (2)

What BMT can Do for you?

BMT is specializing in CNC Machined Parts, but due to Virus outbroke all over the world, our domestic business is growing fast and overseas business is getting down. In addition, due to the trust of our long-term cooperation customer in Italy, we worked on a very big prefabrication project of titanium fittings, titanium foring shaft, titanium custom forging stub ends, etc., so we decided to expand our business in titanium products. So, if you need it, please contact us now!

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